Christmas tree balloons with your own hands

New Year

Festive Christmas balls on the Christmas tree with your own hands

One of the most important activities on New year’s eve is decorating the Christmas tree. Everyone likes to get boxes with toys, tinsel, garlands from the shelf and decorate the Christmas tree. But sometimes you want to update the composition of toys, but you don’t want to spend money. Then come to the aid of improvised materials, from which you can make new toys.

The most popular materials for this can be called various harnesses, ropes, fabrics, paper – all of which can make up the shape of a ball. For the base of the toy, you can use inflated balloons, a foam ball, and even a burned-out light bulb. It all depends on the person’s imagination and capabilities.

If you have beads and skills, you can weave a Christmas ball with a beautiful pattern:

Christmas ball made of beads

Beautiful Christmas balls with your own hands can be assembled from paper. Especially beautiful will look paper with cut patterns:

Christmas balls made of paper 1

Christmas balls made of paper 2

Making a ball of fabric is very simple – you need to wrap the base of the toy with a beautiful cloth and tie it with a ribbon:

Christmas balls made of fabric

2 or more bundles of contrasting colors glued to the base are perfect for a ball made of a harness:

Christmas balls from a harness

It is very easy to make a ball of wire and beads. You just need to string the beads on a wire and wind them in the form of a ball. A ball or other base will help you do this:

Christmas balls made of wire and beads

The candy ball will not only be bright and beautiful, but also very tasty:

Christmas balls made of candy

You can make a ball in the style of “artichoke” from scraps of different fabrics, folding them into a Christmas pattern:

Christmas balls made of scraps of different fabrics

The direction in needlework “Artichoke” allows you to create beautiful elegant Christmas tree toys from fabrics:

Christmas balls made of scraps of different fabrics 2

Christmas ball can be folded from strips of colored paper. A reliable option is a beautiful interweaving of stripes:

Christmas balls made of strips of colored paper

From paper, you can glue beautiful balls in the form of Chinese lanterns. It will take a lot of work, but it’s worth it:

Christmas balls made of paper in the form of Chinese lanterns

Using these examples, you can come up with your own idea and make your own exclusive and unique toys. Moreover, you can create new toys every New year and decorate the Christmas tree in the same style, for example, only with paper balls or only with ropes.

It is very easy to decorate a holiday tree with materials that everyone has at home. You just need to show a little imagination and free time. To make it more fun, you can sit down at the table with your family and make new Christmas balls together, and then decorate the holiday tree with them.

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