Gift Ideas for Christmas


New year gift ideas

Christmas is not just the time, saturated with coniferous aroma and the smell of juicy tangerines. It is the exciting time of choosing the Christmas gifts. Gifts for family and friends, colleagues and co-workers, all the people who we love. Knowing the recipient’s tastes and preferences simplifies the task, but it doesn’t make it easy anyway.

Choose Original Gifts to Useful

The practicality of a gift is not the most important thing. Positive emotions  it brings – that is the thing that matters. There are many options and we start with the most obvious one for a lady:

New year gifts for girls

1) Gifts related to hobby

. If a girl has the talent of an artist, she will be happy with good canvases and a set of professional paints or pencils. A sports fan will not be able to resist high-quality equipment. Note, that the list of gifts do not include items, related to the traditional things women do every day – cooking, sewing etc.

2) Professional photo session as a present

Passion for photography lives in every girl from the very childhood. Almost any girl would be happy to take part is a professional photo session. The opportunity to try on the role of a model will delight her for sure, especially if she has an eye for photography. Don’t forget to book not just the session, but the studio, a stylist and a make – up artist.

3) Gift certificate if nothing comes to your mind

Gift certificate solves a lot of issues. If a girl is a fan of reading, please her with a visit to a bookstore, and if an avid fashionista, a trip to a boutique. The subject matter depends on your preferences and budget: an annual subscription to the gym, foreign language courses, lectures on contemporary art. Alternatively, it can be tickets to a concert of the band she likes a theatrical first night.

4) Handmade gift always works

A gift made by yourself will bring the greatest joy. The main thing is to make the gift on your own not to save money, but to give the person the most valuable thing we have – a piece of your time and warmth of your soul. A self-composed verse, a song, a picture, or a video clip will demonstrate not only hidden talents, but also a particularly sensitive attitude to the recipient.

Not men have issues with gifts

If you are among the ones, having troubles with gift ideas for your Mister Special, see another list of ideas.

Gifts for men for the new year

1) Gifts related to hobbies

You may not like a man’s hobby, but Christmas is a time of pleasant surprises, so you can make an exception. Professional fishing rods or spinning – it will be too much. But a set of fishing accessories (equipment, various bags, baubles) or sports paraphernalia (t-shirts and scarves with the logo of his favorite team) is a good solution.

2) Every man is a big child

The truism greatly simplifies both life and the choice of a gift. He will be completely delighted with a quadrocopter, a game console, a computer game or a remote-controlled car, really. The more buttons and bright lights, the stronger the positive effect. Alternatively, you can make a choice in favor of board games.

3) Gifts made with love

Soft toys and collages from joint photos are immediately discarded. The gift should be exclusive and impressive – a warm sweater, knitted with your own hands, will eloquently tell about long hours of hard work and hot feelings. Alternatively, for those who are not friends with needlework, you can paint a t-shirt or cap with an acrylic marker.

Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts in envelopes

With the help of corporate gifts on the occasion you can express gratitude to colleagues, regular customers and business partners. It touches the hearts and becomes gratitude for the year spent together, emphasizes the trustfulness of relationships, indicates the importance of employees for the enterprise.

Gifts Made of Chocolate

Each person’s reaction to their image is predictably positive. It is the same on sweets. The tandem of them two in one gift will give a unique result – a custom-made chocolate painting. The idea can be implemented in different ways. Depending on the craftsman you have nearby it can be anything form simple sweets to the complete cakes.  The gift will be appreciated by the ones, who have not just sweet teeth, but an eye for art.

Gifts for VIP Clients

New year's Gifts for VIP clients

Pre-holiday promotions held by companies are accompanied by small souvenirs. It is better if they are functional. Using a useful gift throughout the year the recipient will always remember the company that presented it. It is appropriate to attach a small handmade Christmas tree decoration to traditional diaries and business cards decorated with the company’s logo.

Accessories to Decorate Your Workplace

Accessories for decorating a new year's desktop

On any casual office deskthere is usually an organizer for writing supplies and a neat stack of paper, not just the computer, mouse and the keyboard. You can dilute the traditional office mode of your desk with a small accessory that lifts the mood. A miniature model of an airplane or a retro car, a world–famous architectural structure and so on will fit harmoniously into the design.

Gifts For a fun Corporate Holiday

No Christmas celebration is complete without funny contests and quizzes. Easy and funny competitions end with the presentation of prizes prepared in advance by the event holders. These small gifts can be literally anything  – the symbols of the upcoming year, keychains and magnets, wall calendars, phone stands and original photo holders.

Top Christmas Gifts

Along with the Christmas gifts people have positive emotions, friendly disposition, and joyful moments of happy fulfillment of wishes. The top list of the most common gifts will help you make your choice.

Everyone’s Favorite Goodies

Goodies for the new year

Coffee, tea and sweets that all girls love always hit the ten. We are not talking about a bagged drink and a chocolate bar. For the holiday set choose a rare sort of coffee, elite tea with herbs, handmade chocolate figurine or assorted premium sweets. Think of presentation as well. A small box or something like that make the gift to look decent.

Miniature Artificial Spruce with Toys

The main symbol of the upcoming New year or some Christmas-related  thing, received as a gift, enhances the festive feeling. Not everyone can afford a large New Year’s Tree. But a miniature one with tiny toys will find a place on the coffee table in the living room, on the console table in the hallway or on the mantelpiece. To choose a composition from a huge number of design proposals is relatively easy.

Live Exotic Flower

Floristics lovers will be happy with a blooming orchid or any other unusual plant. If you know, what plants the person already have at his place, it is advisable to present a flower of ta new kind or with unusual colors, so the person will get another lot in the collection. But even if you miss and present the flower that is already possessed, it does not matter much, because for the one in love with flowers all of them are equally perfect.

Unusual Christmas Decor

Unusual Christmas decor

A colleague, a friend and a family member will be happy with a decorative gift. A composition of Christmas candles framed by pine needles, entwined with ribbons, a glass ball on the Christmas tree, decorated by hand, a Christmas wreath with bright cones will fit perfectly into the holiday interior.

Books in Gift Design

Lovers of good literature sometimes can’t afford to buy a heavily illustrated book in a beautiful binding. It can be a luxurious folio with reproductions of great painters, an encyclopedic manual of a certain subject, or a novel by a favorite classic. The main thing is to know what the person likes and what  kind of books he prefers.

Electronic Gadgets

Electronic gadgets for the new year

Luxurious smartphones, airpods and Instagram cameras are the leaders in the hit parade of bright technical innovations that will become a welcome Christmas gift. There are also numerous accessories to the gadgets:

  • branded cases with a charging unit,
  • fitness bracelets,
  • sports watches,
  • smart watches,
  • mirror speakers and touch gloves.

Beauty Products

Any wish list contains beauty products, it is a fact. Surprisingly, it works for men as well as for women.  The general advice is to select more or less well-known brands of an average price instead of exclusive expensive ones. A close person, whose tastes are well known, can be given a perfume but only if he or she uses them. Another advice – try to mix routine products with decorative ones.

Accessories for Tourism

The list of travel accessories is endless. It contains a high-quality flashlight and a rubber mat, a folding chair and a thermos, a refrigerator bag and an unbreakable cup. In any tourist store there are many useful things that are probably not in the bag of your tourist. Christmas is the best time to add accessories that will please a travel and hiking lover.

Board Games for Family Entertainment

Not all parents have enough time to spend with their children. Winter evenings with joint games will give you fresh emotions and unforgettable impressions. The choice of interesting board games is great. You can find options that will be exciting at any age and will bring together several generations of a friendly family at the table.

Emotional Gifts

The popularity of gifts is growing because emotions cannot be touched with hands, but one can remember the events, feelings and the mood of the time. A trip to a ski resort for the weekend or for all the Christmas holidays, an excursion that has long been dreamed of, training in a culinary art school and other activities can be the thing when you feel that simply have no idea what to gift.

Buying a Christmas gift depends on your imagination, budget limit and desire to give unforgettable memories to the people you love. The main thing is not to delay until the last moment to have time to enjoy the pleasant feeling of making the right choice.

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