Hot dancing: famous girls who are interested in pole dancing

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Pole dance is a popular pole or pole dance, which is preferred by many modern girls as a sport. Many celebrities have already appreciated pole dancing, because it is not only beautiful and tempting, but also useful.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry on the pole

Pole dancing seems to have been invented for the mischievous and energetic artist Katy Perry. Today, the singer does not just climb the pole, but takes off on it! For several years, the star has been working with a teacher, and even a professional can envy her results. Katie has already demonstrated some of her pylon skills in her videos.

Tyra Banks

Tyra banks on a pole

This year, famous model tyra banks celebrated her 43rd birthday. But age does not prevent her from practicing pole dancing. Tyra’s first meeting with the pole occurred eight years ago, when the guest of her show “the Tyra Show” was the world champion pole dancer Felix Kane. Taira instantly fell in love with this special sport and has since continued to improve her skills on the pole.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian on the pole

Men adore the luxurious shape of Kim, and women modestly envy and dream of the same outstanding buttocks. The secret of the star’s excellent shape lies in pole dancing classes. Of course, Kim admits that classes are harder for her than for slender girls, but the TV and Instagram star is doing well. Who knows, maybe Kim will soon show off her skills in public.


Shakira on a pole

The Latin American artist has been practicing on the pole for many years at her own pleasure. Shakira admits that classes allow her to keep in great shape and cheerfulness. The singer’s flexibility helps her not only move seductively, but also turn acrobatic choreography into a real art.

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