How and where to celebrate New year 2021 with your family

New Year

New year’s holiday is celebrated by people of all religions, nationalities and ages. Both adults and children are waiting with bated breath for the arrival of a magical time when you can decorate the world around with colorful lights, dress a beautiful Christmas tree in a bright outfit, make a secret wish, and please your family and friends with gifts. And for some, this is an opportunity to turn over the sad page of the outgoing year and start life from scratch.

“As you meet the New year, so you will spend it»

Many people respect omens and try to do everything to make the holiday unforgettable, and the year began with happy, bright and joyful events. The choice of ideas for how to do this is wide and varied.

According to the Eastern calendar, the symbol of 2021 is a White Metal Bull-a wise, noble animal that honors family traditions. Home comfort and comfortable, familiar environment will appeal to him. And what if you don’t want to stay at home at all, and your heart asks for active recreation and travel? In fact, you can celebrate the New year anywhere in the country or the world, the main thing is to be together with your family and friends.

How to celebrate New year 2021 with your family – New year’s eve with your family

The modern life of many people passes at a high speed and a rich maelstrom of events. Therefore, a quiet family evening will not seem boring at all, but, on the contrary, will become a real outlet and an opportunity to spend time with your loved ones.

New year's eve with your family

The “recipe” for a home New year includes the following components:

  • Good mood.
  • Dear and beloved people, and someone else has Pets that give the holiday a special warmth.
  • Magical atmosphere. You can create it according to your taste: with an elegant Christmas tree under the ceiling (live or artificial – as you like), colorful garlands and shining tinsel. Maybe someone, instead of a Christmas tree, will be enough twigs in a vase, a small garland and rain, and the apartment will be decorated with crafts made with their own hands together with children.
  • Festive dish. A good reason to embody the crown recipes of hot and cold dishes, sweets and salads, not forgetting about the main “guests” of the new year’s evening – “Olivier” and “Herring under a fur coat”.
  • Movies, cartoons, programs. Since early morning on December 31, new year’s programs, good fairy tales and cartoons are broadcast on TV channels. Children can get carried away with an exciting story, with special effects and graphics that draw unique images of fairy – tale creatures. And adults will be warmed by concerts with the participation of their favorite actors and singers and new year’s movies that do not lose their popularity and warmth.
  • Confetti, firecrackers, fireworks. Again, according to desire and mood. You can limit yourself to a small indoor firecracker, or go out with the whole family and start a more serious salute.

The holiday scenario

What else can you do besides watching your favorite shows and having a festive dinner? If you have free time and a creative impulse, you can think through the scenario of the new year’s eve, make simple contests for adults and children:

  • «Most – most». Children take turns saying compliments to their parents, the most eloquent wins. Then it’s the parents ‘ turn. It is better to say joking compliments for everyone’s fun.
  • “Guess the word.” The contest is a pantomime, you need to show the hidden word to the other team using gestures. If the family is not very large, you can not divide into teams, and represent the words in turn.
  • «Cleverest». Simple questions about cartoon characters, computer games (children will be especially happy), animals and plants are prepared in advance. The person who answers the most questions wins. Small children can play together with their mother or father.
  • “Favorite number”. Everyone writes a number on a piece of paper that comes to mind. The host asks questions. The answer will be the written number. Options for questions to the participant: how many times a day he eats, how many fingers on his right foot, how many kilograms he weighs, etc. Funny coincidences will please the whole friendly company.
  • “Named snowflakes”. Hide snowflakes with the names of family members in the apartment (each person must have the same number of snowflakes). At the “start” command, participants start searching for their own snowflakes (if they find a snowflake with a different name, they need to keep silent and search further). The winner is the one who finds more snowflakes with their name in a minute.
  • “Relay of wishes”. Pass a Sparkler around the circle and say a wish for the next year to the next participant.

Letter from Santa Claus

Think up and write a letter in advance in which, on behalf of Santa Claus, to praise each family member for their success and achievements in the past year, to scold them kindly for their mistakes, to give advice and wish them the fulfillment of their plans (you can do it in specific cases).

Little family members will be happy to hear from the main new year’s character. But even more surprising and unusual will be the warm words addressed to grown-up boys and girls (moms, dads, grandparents). And it will be nice for adults to feel like children for a few moments.

Home photo session

New year is a real Klondike for the implementation of bright photography ideas. And you don’t need to go far for props: costumes, masks, holiday hats, tinsel, fruits, sweets – some of the above are sure to be found in the house.

Ideas are diverse:

  • family around the Christmas tree, in the light of a shining garland;
  • at the holiday table;
  • for a delicious salad;
  • composition of fruit;
  • with the biggest candy;
  • live footage during dances, games, competitions;
  • funny photos and everything that you have enough inspiration and imagination for.


Favorite songs make the holiday more homely and warm. As a rule, on new year’s eve, old songs, well-known hits from childhood and youth fall on the soul. Children will be happy to perform songs from cartoons and modern repertoire, too, will not refuse.

Karaoke in the new year

It is better to create a playlist in advance. But even if the desire to sing karaoke arose suddenly, the Internet will always come to the rescue with a variety of selections and collections of “minuses”. And, for sure, every family will have their own songs that warm the soul.

If you have a home karaoke system and a large friendly family, you can arrange small competitions, inviting children to play the role of the jury. Or just pass the microphone around and give a song as a greeting to someone close to you.

New year 2021 on the street

Fun in the fresh air, will be remembered by everyone for a long time. Of course, you should not go out in the bitter cold. And at comfortable temperatures, it is not necessary to walk all night. The main thing is to dress according to the weather and stay in a great mood. Even if there is no hint of a snowstorm, it is better to wear warm clothes. You can choose a Park, yard or territory near your country house as a place of entertainment. It is better to take a thermos with hot tea, sandwiches, sparklers, firecrackers.

New year’s eve at the dacha will plunge you into the atmosphere of magic and give you the opportunity to relax from the city bustle. You should also prepare for such a holiday in advance. Stock up on wood if there is a stove in the house or check the heating system. To consider decorations for the home inside and out. The flight of imagination can be unlimited.

You can enjoy delicious sausages fried on the grill. On a warm winter night, the mood will be lifted by modeling a snowman with the whole family, snowball fights, wallowing in snowdrifts, sledding, tubing, if there are slides nearby.

“Who goes to visit at night, he acts wisely!»

The holiday is a great occasion to follow the rule of the famous character Winnie the Pooh and go to visit. True, he likes to go to visit in the morning, but new year’s eve is different in that everything happens in a completely different scenario.

This arrangement is convenient because you can not spend the whole day preparing culinary delights, because the host party probably already thought out what to feed and please the guests, and prepared for the meeting. You can prepare a simple surprise yourself-poems, a scene, or dress up your father as Santa Claus and congratulate children and adults. You can also invite professional actors, if the budget allows.

Products can be purchased in advance by both parties, and everyone is preparing for the holiday together. Or a family that accepts guests, does not participate financially, but cooks and sets the table.

If the organization is completely on the shoulders of the host party, then when going to visit, you can bring:

  • closed sandwiches, sandwich;
  • мясные изделия;
  • caviar;
  • champagne, baby champagne or juice;
  • fruits;
  • a pineapple;
  • sweets.

The options may be different, depending on the budget, time, tastes and preferences.

Where to celebrate the New year 2021 with your family – long road

New year’s eve with your family does not mean that the clock should strike everyone at home. You can go on an unforgettable journey full of impressions and good adventures. Where to go depends on the capabilities and wishes of each family member.


A popular, reliable, proven and attractive budget option. The streets of the country are decorated for the holiday, and recreational areas do not stop working. Most hotels have heated pools, both indoor and outdoor.

New year in Turkey

A light jacket or windbreaker will be enough for walking around new year’s Turkey, since the air temperature is kept around +15 ° C.

The resort country will also delight outdoor enthusiasts. Now a relatively new direction is developing here – ski resorts. The slopes and trails are suitable for beginners and children. You can choose, for example, in the resort of Uludag, 150 km from Istanbul. The snow cover here is from mid – December to the end of March.

Welcome to New year’s Paris

There are quite a lot of options for tours around new year’s Europe. For active tourists who prefer noisy fun, bright emotions and impressions, and Vice versa, seeking comfort and quiet rest.

New year's Paris

Those who want to experience the romance and magic of the new year’s time are invited to visit Paris. The main festive events unfold at the Eiffel tower, next to the arc de Triomphe and on the Champs – Elysees. With a ticket to visit the tower, you can also get to the ice rink located below.

Located in the European capital, Disneyland will fulfill many children’s dreams. Performances and exciting rides await children until one o’clock in the morning.

You can meet the next year with your family in different ways. If you decide to travel, it is better to know in advance all the nuances of the content of tours, the cost, and discounts that travel companies can offer to families.

However, the new year’s atmosphere can not be compared to anything, regardless of whether there is fun at home or”beyond the seven seas”. After all, the main thing is love, the joy of communicating with loved ones, the desire to please each other. Turning on your imagination, making an effort, even with a modest budget, you can arrange a magical holiday for yourself and your loved ones, the memories of which will cause a pleasant feeling of nostalgia and warm your heart for many years to come.

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