How to celebrate the new year cheap


Ideas for a new Year’s holiday when the budget is limited

Famous saying: “Prepare a sleigh in the summer” is suitable for any occasion. Meeting the most anticipated and magical holiday, the New year, is no exception. The remaining time will fly by quickly and imperceptibly, so it is better to plan the organization of the winter celebration now.

Not everyone can arrange a feast on a Grand scale, and it is not required, because immediately after the festive night, rest days will begin, which will also require spending on food, household needs and entertainment. How to spend a cheap and fun New year will help the following ideas.

How to spend a cheap and fun New year

How to celebrate the new year cheap-at Home or away

Of course, a new Year’s celebration with your family will require a minimum of expenses. At the festive table, as a rule, close and native people gather, whose tastes, preferences and wishes have been studied for years for an excellent rating. You can implement their favorite recipes, arrange spiritual gatherings with a simple cultural program, or meet part of the holiday in the fresh air, if the mark on the thermometer does not make you give up this idea.

For those who can’t imagine celebrating the New year without the President’s speech and watching new year’s broadcasts to the delicious “Olivier” – the task is completely simplified. The holiday will be held in the usual warm atmosphere, without fuss and complicated preparations.

Going on a visit is also a great option to save your budget and have fun. The holiday is organized by agreement. The purchase of products falls on the shoulders of one of the parties or is done “in a fold”. It is also easy for friends or relatives to agree on entertainment and other attributes of the holiday.

Holiday alone

A very successful and not at all sad option for those who are tired of the stressful fuss at work, especially if the profession is associated with constant communication and a frenzied pace of life.

You do not need to “puzzle” over the festive image. Suitable comfortable familiar clothing (even pajamas). You can cook your favorite food, listen to music, or read a book that you didn’t have time for.

Trip to the village

There is nothing like a trip to a real village to relieve your mind and body. Renting a house will be relatively inexpensive, and the neighborhood with mother nature and a tea party at the hot stove will bring an incomparable peace to life.


Homely atmosphere, warmth, relaxation – exactly what is in short supply for the ever-busy city residents.

This unusual way of organizing a new year’s celebration will restore mental balance, give strength and energize for the whole next year.

I’m my own animator

The opposite of new year’s eve alone. Why not give a holiday to others? Change into the costume of a cartoon character or the main characters of the holiday and go to congratulate friends, acquaintances and just random passers-by. Small gifts, sweets and cookies will not hit the budget and are more than compensated by smiles, laughter and gratitude from those whose holiday has become happier.

Romantic dinner

In this case, you do not need to look for a reason and the new year’s mood will not take long to wait. And then, what could be more beautiful than moving to a new time line next to the dearest and dearest person? A candlelit dinner will not require large finances, pomp and long preparations, but it will definitely sink into the soul of the second half.

Free or low – cost events in the city

You only need to familiarize yourself with the events that are organized around the city in advance-and the scenario for a budget – friendly, but fun new year’s eve is ready. Most cities hold festive performances at the Central Christmas tree, launch fireworks. A disco at a local club is also a good way to have an active and joyful time.

At a hotel in your hometown

This type of celebration will help to change the situation and create the feeling of a trip to another city or even country. The choice of hotels depends on how large the city itself is. A pre-booked room will significantly save your budget. There are many advantages of such a new year’s holiday:

  • Многие заведения предлагают скидку на номер в новогоднюю ночь.
  • The presence of the entertainment program: concerts, Christmas lights, a performance of instrumental ensembles.
  • There is no need for cooking and spending time at the stove.
  • A great opportunity for a family or couple to relax from busy everyday life.

New year cheap – New year’s trip

New year's travel around the world

For those who do not like difficulties, sudden surprises and force majeure, it is better to travel within their country. There are a lot of advantages to such trips:

  • no problems with visa processing;
  • fewer restrictions and surprises associated with the pandemic;
  • it is easier to choose a route that is suitable for all family members;
  • save money on currency exchange;
  • all around communicate in their native language;
  • the opportunity to plan a vacation with children of different ages: for example, extreme sports for teenagers and a more relaxing holiday, but with elements of fairy tales and fun – for kids;
  • the territory of the country is vast, with many exotic places, peoples, national special dishes.

Thus, even with a limited budget, there are a lot of ideas on how to please yourself and your loved ones on new year’s eve. There are ways for both cheerful, active people – “batteries”, and lovers of peace and quiet. Young people who are not bound by family obligations, an elderly couple or a large friendly family can create an atmosphere of a fairy tale. In fact, an unforgettable new year’s holiday requires not a mountain of gifts and a thick wallet – but those who are dear to us and with whom we want to share these happy moments.

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