How to decorate a house for the New year?


Everyone tries to decorate his place beautifully for Christmas. After all, what could be better during the Christmas eve than to look at the beautifully shimmering garlands, Christmas balls and other decorations, creating the mood? To decorate the house for Christmas one needs to think about it in advance, prepare all the necessary decorations and plan where to place them.

Follow along and see some useful tips and interesting ideas of how to decorate your home for the New year 2021 in the article.

Colors of 2021

The upcoming year passes by the sign of the White Metal Bull so the colors that should be used in decoration are considered to be the following ones:

  • White
  • Grey
  • Silver

In addition to these colors one can use adjacent shades. It means that there are much, much more colors can be used than the listed ones. If you choose the right color scheme it will be beautiful. Pink, yellow, green and all their shades will also be fine. While choosing colors, follow these two simple rules.

  • The colors that are used have to be compatible with each other.
  • The main colors should be bright and contrasting.

General Decorating Tips

Usually the main room during the Christmas eve is the living room, where the Christmas tree is placed. Therefore, a lot of time is spent on decorating it. Also, do not forget about the children’s room. After all, for children the Christmas is one of the most fascinating holidays, so parents have to make their room beautiful.

The main symbol of 2021 is a White Metal Bull, so one needs to use items with the symbol of the year’s image when decorating the house. For example, to buy pillowcases with the picture of the bull and so on. One can also buy a bull-piggy Bank and put it in a prominent place. Christmas garlands will also become a bright and atmospheric decoration. They can be used not only in decorating the Christmas tree, but also to make the room look nice. Garlands can be hung on Windows, doors or even on the walls. A small garland, being put it in a jar, looks fascinating in the evening. It sparkles beautifully and the glimpses of light make all the room look like a fairy-tale. In addition, now there’s a lot of garlands of unusual shapes in the market. You can find the ones in the shape of Christmas trees, Moons, stars, and so on. Such decorations will look great with the curtains and garlands on the windows.

Decorating the House

As we wrote above, the main decoration of the living room is traditionally a Christmas tree. It can be either real and smell like pine needles or artificial. Rely on your own taste and preferences here. If you have a small apartment and there is no place to put a huge Christmas tree, create a wall panel or simply put some Christmas decorations on the walls. There are a lot of options in the web of how to make a Christmas tree without actually having it.

Children’s room

Before decorating a children’s room, you should consider a few points, especially if the child is small. When decorating you should hang all the toys high so that the child cannot reach them. Also, do not choose items with tiny pieces that can be swallowed. It is not recommended to use glass toys – better replace them with plastic or soft ones.

You can decorate the children’s room with beautiful applications that can be attached to the walls. They can be made on your own or purchased. If you decide to buy them, try to choose a material that will be removed easily. With the help of various pendants, you can add some color and create the Christmas mood. For example, hanging socks for gifts create a cozy atmosphere. It is not recommended to use an electric garland in the nursery, because the kid can accidentally injure himself.  It is better to use a paper garland instead. By the way, you can make a garland with your children.

Christmas decoration

Decorating Windows for Christmas

Decorated windows will also help to add a festive atmosphere. You can decorate them not only with garlands, but also with stencils. Take a sheet of paper with the desired pattern, cut it out and attach it to the glass. If there is a person in the family who draws well, make a drawing yourself using gouache or acrylic paints. Neat drawings, such as snowflakes, can be drawn with diluted toothpaste. While drawing, choose Christmas trees, Santa Claus and other Christmas characters and stories.

How to Decorate Doors

The door is the face of the hose so it should be properly decorated. Fir wreath is a traditional decision but you can make it unique using different materials. Or simply buy the one you like. The doors can be also decorated with tinsel or garlands. Put large beautiful vases with decorated fir branches at the entrance to make the hall beautiful as well.

How to Decorate the Facade

If you want to decorate the house outside as well, the garlands can be the solution. It is better to choose special outdoor garlands that are resistant to frost and moisture. Usually they are equipped with LEDs, which are quite economical, and work longer. Also, to decorate the facade you can use special lamps that illuminate a large area and are designed for the outdoors.

Christmas garlands

DIY Decorations

You don’t have to buy holiday decorations; you can simply make them yourself. It is worth it – to set aside alt the household choirs and sit all together and make decorations. It is interesting, fun and helps to improve the family relationships. Children like to make paper garlands and other stuff. Small kids can cope with the paper chain. However, it is useful for the kid’s development, to pick some tiny things with his fingers. Paper is not the only solution – ribbons or braid will also do.

How to Make Christmas Wreath

There are several options for making a festive wreath.

  • Take a newspaper, crumple it into a roll and set it in the form of a ring and fix it in this position. Cover it with green napkins. Then the wreath is tightly wrapped with tinsel of the desired color. The wreath can be decorated with cones, toys and other Christmas stuff.
  • The wire. The frame of the future wreath is made of the wire. Then it is wrapped in tinsel and decorated.

The Christmas balls. Cut the wire the length you want and put Christmas balls on it. Large and small balls combined look great. Fill the wire 2/3, connect it and make a hook. After that wrap the empty space with green ribbon or tissue.

DIY Christmas Cardboard Fireplace

Another DIY option for the New Year and Christmas is to make a fireplace out of cardboard boxes. You will need 3 boxes – one large and two smaller ones of the same size. They will be connected in the shape of a fireplace. The front part of the large box has to be cut out – there will be a furnace hole. In order for the fireplace to look nice you need to take a thin foam, cut it into the shape of a brick and glue as a brickwork pattern. The foam can be painted red to make it look more natural. You can attach a photo of the fire to the back wall as well. Hang socks for gifts and decorate it with another items to your taste.

To Wrap Up

Preparing for the New year is always a pleasant fuss. Home decoration becomes a favorite activity of children and adults. To make everything look beautiful, you should think about the ideas in advance and buy toys and other decorative items beforehand. Thus you will have time to decorate the house in a way you and your family will like.

Christmas Cardboard fireplace with your own hands

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