How to meet the 2021 year of the White Metal Bull


According to the Eastern horoscope, the year of the White Metal Bull begins on February 12, 2021. Let’s try to put all the dots over the “e”, and learn a little less than everything about the meeting Of the new 2021 Bull: where, with whom, how, in what – and so on, up to why and why.

If the time of the first astrological sign of the Rat, from 23 o’clock to 1 o’clock the next day, the second sign of the Bull, between 1 and 3am. This is the time of the deepest sleep of consciousness and the awakening of monsters-the hidden forces of the unconscious. As they say, the city falls asleep – the mafia wakes up.

The year of the Bull is the very period of the horoscope cycle when you need to understand everything that is disturbing and “raise the horns” of the inner enemy in yourself. To rest your horns on the ground and dig with your hoof in order to get to the truth, destroy obstacles and break the way to the goal – this is what the “bull heart” of the year is full of. Whatever the results, they will be valuable, because they are obtained at the cost of an incredible effort of physical, mental and moral forces.

The bull following the rat supports Its desire for abundance and peace. Therefore, the best holiday option is an intimate atmosphere “without noise and dust”, and the table is ideal for entertainment with a game of mafia and other table-table “salon” games.

How to celebrate 2021 correctly

How to celebrate 2021 correctly

The bull is a herd animal. And in a herd, the more heads, the better. The most elegant version of the holiday is to gather several families in a large country house with a fireplace, candles, dining furniture made of solid wood and feel the charm of rural romance. The winter garden will be an additional incentive to gather in such an environment. The hostess should take care in advance and grow fresh herbs in the winter garden, so that guests can delight in “something to chew right out of the ground”.

How can you resist the temptation to go all out? Especially when we are protected by such a powerful sign as the Bull!

So, we can sum up by answering the question “how to meet the New year 2021»:

  • Solid and impressive
  • With a “merchant” scale
  • More romance, less noise
  • Games are mostly drinking, quiet
  • Fireworks grandiose
  • Walking, sledding and skiing

How to celebrate the year of the Bull 2021

How to celebrate the year of the Bull 2021

A fashionable outfit, or as they say now, a “fashionable bow” for the new year 2021 is a combination of two moods: austerity and old-fashioned romance.

The bull is an unrestrained being, which is why the Bull constantly strives for calm. It is most pleasant for him to walk sedately along his line of fate, slowly enjoying the colors of life. Therefore, the most important thing for a Bull is a sense of confidence, a sense of understanding clear boundaries, measures and limits. The bull must always know exactly where it is-in what spatial, temporal, and interpersonal coordinates. Any uncertainty in the Bull is a reason for panic and unmotivated aggression. Therefore, you need to meet this restless character, who is striving for calm, according to his ideas about a beautiful life: only the familiar and reliable, a lot of expected pleasant, and no sudden stresses.

An imposing office classic combined with light “flying” elements is just what you need. This is the so-called “academic” style. This is how dreamy teachers dress: an office sundress, a strict pantsuit or pencil skirt, plus a delicate blouse with ruffles, lace or a bow.

Also suitable for formal office and evening dresses cut “case”, “mermaid”, “dress-suit” with a peplum, “bandage” with glitter. A little more conservative – and any “decent” dress in the “retro” style will fit perfectly, that is, everything except the cocktail dress of the 1920s and the “Marilyn Monroe dress”. Fitted top and flared bottom, wide lace cuffs and turn-down collars, removable sleeves, Boas, draperies – everything will be in place.

Also suitable for formal office and evening dresses cut “case”, “mermaid”, “dress-suit” with a peplum, “bandage” with glitter. A little more conservative – and any “decent” dress in the “retro” style will fit perfectly, that is, everything except the cocktail dress of the 1920s and the “Marilyn Monroe dress”. Fitted top and flared bottom, wide lace cuffs and turn-down collars, removable sleeves, Boas, draperies – everything will be in place.

Thus, the public is “sorted” by clothing styles into about two parts-the imposing (business world) and the Bohemian (retro-romance). This combination of outfits will bring a bouquet of noble shades to the” main dish ” of the holiday.

Current colors (in order of importance):

  • Ivory
  • Champagne
  • Platinum
  • Powder
  • Celadon
  • Eucalyptus
  • Marengo
  • Niagara
  • Mocha latte
  • Chamois
  • Ochre

Thus, the prevailing palette is rather subdued and restrained, against which a few, but bright color accents will stand out green, blue and brown.

Holiday decoration

New year is a winter holiday. This is a fact that you can’t flout, even with your nose up. Arrange this holiday in the style of a picnic on the lawn will not work. Therefore, choose a place for a holiday with a wide expanse around or with a view from the window to the field, the steppe or at least a wasteland, where you can arrange fireworks without the risk of getting your hot delight in the Windows of unsuspecting neighbors.

Holiday decoration

And, although the hut is not red with corners, but red with pies, decorating a house or a Banquet hall will be a separate pleasure in anticipation of the holiday. Choose a color scheme where the main color is white, and the companion color is metallic gray, and for contrasting elements, green is the color of vegetation, including the Christmas tree, and a palette of “earth” colors and sky blue is also suitable.

Alternatively, let the tablecloth be green, like an improvised lawn and new year’s pasture!

So, the actual colors for the design (in order of priority by importance):

  • White
  • Metallic grey
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Blue

The perfect decoration solution is the color celadon. It is a harmonious blend of all the components-white, gray, green, earth and sky. This is a very gentle, calm, soothing shade of aquamarine – its “down-to – earth” version.

Since earth and metal “meet” in the year of the Bull, it is better to serve the table with ceramic and metal dishes. A special charm on the table this year may be:

better to serve the table with ceramic and metal dishes

  • Silver wine glasses
  • Steel Cutlery
  • Melchior dishes
  • Metal tray
  • Metal serving “hill”
  • Clay pots with portioned hot
  • Porcelain plates
  • Ceramic glasses a La “flower pot”
  • Porcelain tea set
  • Metal openwork candle holder ” for Antiques»

Also, don’t forget to create a romantic atmosphere, especially in the recreation areas. Let the lighting be represented by candles or subdued lamps, garlands. After all, the “hour of the bull” is night, or rather, pre-dawn. The mysterious semi-darkness will hide unnecessary details and allow a large number of guests to feel comfortable at the festival.

What to serve on the new year’s table

What to serve on the new year's table

Everyone knows that the white Bull has a white lip. They also say that she is not only Bella, but also stupid. However, although his lips and stupid, but not a fool. The Bull doesn’t chew anything. The table for this holiday should be as plentiful and green as possible.

Turn on emergency mode for greenhouses, winter gardens and window sills! Because there should be a lot of fresh greens for the new year of the Bull! Also more vegetables and fruits! Fill your dishes with “summer” salads and desserts!

Using the symbolism of the traffic light, we will indicate products that are desirable, acceptable and undesirable for the new year’s table.

Green light:

  • Fresh greens
  • Fresh fruit
  • Vegetable salads
  • Canned vegetable snacks
  • Fruit dessert

Yellow light:

  • Poultry meat
  • Pork
  • Fish
  • Seafood

Red light:

  • Beef
  • Jelly
  • Souffle
  • Rennet cheeses

Do not irritate the Bull with products of large-horned origin, but rather pamper it with delicious herbs and exotic fruits!

Thus, the traditional set of “Olivier, jelly and chicken with potatoes” + “tangerines, champagne and chocolate” remains in force. For the Bull is not against tradition, but with all his hooves for it.

What to give in 2021

The year 2021 will be marked by the most generous animal in the entire horoscope. For all its formidable power, the Bull is dangerous only in a moment of rage. However, as quick-tempered as he is, he is also easy-going. His huge heart is able not only to hate without brakes, but also to love comprehensively. This “uhar-a merchant, the daring good fellow”. Therefore, it is better to take care of gifts in advance, so that you can think well and plan the” right ” gifts for your loved ones.

What to give in 2021

The right gifts for the 2021 New year are gifts that are just from the bottom of your heart, to feel, to feel! Not necessarily expensive, but preferably large. In the literal sense-large in size. The ideal option is to form a large company “a little bit” and buy something large for the owners, and at home you can save up in advance and give it to them!

As Souvenirs and game prizes, let’s also have large items-tangible in weight or size. And it is better to put small items in large boxes – according to the classic “box in a box” scenario. And more knots and bows! The unpacking process itself should be long, difficult, and even more intriguing.

Large in size, but inexpensive things:

  • Chiffon stole
  • Painting from natural materials
  • Pillow
  • Fleece blanket
  • Bed set
  • Tablecloth
  • Bath towel
  • Bath robe
  • Tulle curtains

Heavy, but inexpensive items:

  • Dumbbells
  • Set of stones for the aquarium
  • Set of simple earthenware plates
  • Floor tub with soil for indoor wood

And remember: gifts for the year of the Bull must be useful. Even if they are funny Souvenirs! Bull-earth sign, pragmatic and conservative, he, like the Rat, does not like senseless spending.

Especially in the year of the Bull, your friends and family will appreciate gifts made with their own hands. For example, carpentry – an easel, a screen for a projector, etc.; sewing – bed linen, curtains, tablecloths, household and travel bags, soft toys with surprises; painting on fabric, etc.; then – who believes what. The main thing is that the products are of high quality and made with a soul.

Happy new year!

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