Julia Roberts – career and personal life of a Hollywood actress

Julia Roberts - career and personal life of a Hollywood actress Profile

The unique Julia Roberts has come a long way from a simple waitress in a small pizzeria to the most recognizable Hollywood star and one of the most popular Actresses. During her career, she appeared in a huge number of films, which even decades later are known to audiences around the world. But what was the life of Julia Roberts before the huge popularity and how did she manage to achieve such success?

Childhood and youth of Julia and Roberts

Julia Roberts was born on October 28, 1967. Her mother and Betty Lou Bredemas and father Walter Grady Roberts earned their living by teaching acting to children in the small town of Smyrna, Georgia. Julia grew up with her brother Eric and sister Lisa. All of them eventually became Hollywood celebrities.

When the future “Beauty” was born, Betty had to give up work, which seriously hit the financial state of the family. Coretta Scott king, the widow of the famous Martin Luther king, who made a huge contribution to the fight for black rights, showed great help to the Roberts family at this moment. Correta helped Betty pay the bills with many children.

When Julia was 5 years old, her parents divorced, and she and Lisa stayed with their mother in their hometown. Eric stayed with his father and moved to Atlanta with him. Betty later began a relationship with critic Michael Motes. As Julia recalls, he was a very strict and even cruel person. For example, the new lover of the mother did not hesitate to beat the stepdaughters. Because of this behavior of her stepfather, Julia often clashed with her mother.

As a child, Julia was a real dreamer and visionary. For example, the girl was sure for a long time that she understood the language of animals. So Julia was sure that she would definitely become a veterinarian.

School days

At school, Julia did everything possible to stand out from her classmates, she wanted to be special, not like everyone else. Although at that time, no one saw in the strange girl special talents. Julia learned to play the clarinet, took part in school theatrical productions. She was inspired to do this when she saw that her brother Eric Roberts had achieved success in the theater. Julia wanted to follow in his footsteps.

When she was 10 years old, her father died of cancer. He called Julia every day on the phone, but never told her about his terrible diagnosis. Therefore, the news was a big blow to the impressionable girl. As Julia later admitted, she often imagined how she continued to communicate with her father.

At the age of 13, the future world star got her first job, in a pizzeria. Later, she worked in a Shoe store, and after leaving school, she tried to enter one of the universities, but did not get the required number of points on the exam. Then Julia decided to change her life and moved in with Lisa, who at that time lived in new York.

First steps towards a dream

In new York, Julia immediately enrolled in acting classes and began working on her speech. She was sure that with her southern accent, finding a movie role would be incredibly difficult. However, Roberts quickly abandoned the courses, as she found them not so useful.

A period of constant testing and listening has begun. For a very long time, no one wanted to take an inexperienced actress to the movies, until the girl was lucky and she was offered a very small role in the film “Fire brigade”, which was released in 1986. This was the beginning of a career.

Later, Julia was helped by her brother Eric, who had already become a popular Hollywood actor by that time. He invited her to participate in the movie “Blood red”, where Julia played his sister. The work was easy for the girl, and she felt free on the set. But the release of the film was delayed, and the public saw it only after 3 years. This time the actress spent usefully. She starred in the film Satisfaction, where she played a member of a rock band. In 1987, the actress was invited to the Comedy “Mystical pizza”. It was for this film that Julia was asked to dye her brown hair red, which became the main feature of the actress for many years. By the way, the fee for this film was $ 50,000, which at that time was a huge amount.

Critics began to pay attention to the red-haired young actress. But at this point, Julia became seriously ill with meningitis and decided to go for treatment in Santa Monica, which is located in the suburbs of Los Angeles. There she settled. Being so close to Hollywood made it much easier for her to find roles and audition. Very quickly, she was invited to the film “Steel magnolias”. There, Julia had a minor role, but the film grossed more than $ 80 million at the box office, and Roberts herself woke up a celebrity.

Julia Roberts ‘ breakthrough and recognition as a talented actress

For the film “Steel magnolias” Julia was nominated for an Oscar and received a Golden globe, becoming the best supporting actress. Therefore, 1989 can be called a turning point in the life of the actress. Immediately after world recognition, Julia took part in a film with the working title “$3000”. It was a story about a businessman who decided to pay a girl of easy virtue for a week spent with him. Of course, we are talking about the cult picture, which was later renamed “Beauty”. One of the main roles was assigned to Julia, who played a prostitute named Vivien, and her partner was the inimitable Richard Gere. The most interesting thing is that the producers of the film did not want to take Roberts, hoping that the movie will light up a more famous star, but Director Garry Marshall stood his ground and made the right choice.

For the film "Steel magnolias" Julia was nominated for an Oscar and received a Golden globe»

It is noteworthy that the original ending of the film was not so fabulous and romantic. In the original script, Vivienne was a drug addict, and a businessman offered her money for not using illegal drugs for a week. The ending was even worse. At the end of the film, Edward was supposed to throw Vivien out of the car and drive away. Vivien goes to Disneyland. But Marshall decided to completely rewrite the script for Julia Roberts, as he felt that such dark scenes do not go with her cheerfulness. In 1990, the movie “pretty Woman” literally blew up the movie distribution and became the highest-grossing picture of 1990. Roberts was again nominated for an Oscar and received another Golden globe.

After that, Roberts ‘ fees began to grow by leaps and bounds. She started acting in popular films and now the Directors were willing to give her the main roles and were ready to do anything to get the charming Julia Roberts. Mostly she played quite romantic images. But there were also serious pictures. For example, Julia Roberts starred in the film “in bed with the enemy”, where she appeared in the image of a tormented woman who is beaten by her husband and she has to literally run away from him. After that, there was the movie “Die young”. This is another complex picture, where Julia perfectly played a girl who falls in love with a man with a fatal diagnosis.

Further career of Julia Roberts

The audience wanted to see the funny and smiling “Beauty”again. Shawn Roberts was in a state of instability, as the personal life of one of the most smiling women in the world did not work out. She admitted that she didn’t need funny scenarios yet. Instead, Roberts starred in a very dark melodrama by Robert Altman called “merry Reilly”. She also appeared in a cameo role in woody Allen’s “Everybody says I love you”. After that, the actress literally disappeared from view. It was immediately rumored in the press that Julia had ended her career. For a while, that was true.

The triumphant return of actress Julia Roberts

With new strength and positivity, the actress began 1997 with the romantic Comedy “best friend’s Wedding”. This was exactly the character that the audience fell in love with – cheerful, smiling, a little naive and with an infectious laugh. Critics were enthusiastic about the film and called Roberts ‘ performance brilliant.

In this film, Julia played a restaurant critic. After that, she had several more box-office movies (“Notting hill”, “Runaway bride”, “ocean’s Eleven”). She was nominated for the most prestigious awards in the world. So Julia showed everyone that she wasn’t going anywhere. Finally, she finished off the audience with the participation in the film “Erin Brockovich”, by Steven Soderbergh. The actress played so brilliantly that the world collections of the picture exceeded 256 million dollars. For this film, Julia Roberts won an Oscar and a third Golden globe.

Since 2000, the actress’s career has become more than stable. She became a true favorite of America, and no one else dared to doubt her talent or tenacity. Whatever happened in the life of the famous actress, she always remained positive and did not forget about her crown wide smile. In 2012, she took part in the Comedy “August: Osage County”, where she played alongside the inimitable Meryl Streep. Film critics were delighted with the game Roberts and once again confirmed her status as one of the most talented Actresses. Thanks to this, Roberts was nominated for the most prestigious awards in America.

To this day, Julia Roberts is one of the most popular Actresses and the most famous Directors are ready to pay just insane fees. For one film, the actress receives more than $ 25 million.

One of the most interesting works of the actress is the picture “Eat, pray, love”. It was filmed in 2010. This is a story created by Director Ryan Murphy, which tells the story of a married lady Elizabeth, who decided to give up everything and go to travel the world. When the heroine was in India, she was able to know herself and understand exactly what she wants. Julia did a great job in this role. As the actress herself admits, the fact that she herself professes Hinduism helped her a lot, so she understood exactly what the Director wanted from her and coped with the task perfectly.

Roberts repeatedly played with world movie stars, but not every time the films were incredibly successful. For example, in 2011, she appeared in the film “Larry crown” with Tom Hanks. Despite the fact that the audience really liked this duet, critics of the film responded coolly. The same fate befell the movie “Black monster”, where Julia Roberts played with George Clooney. The film itself was also rated low by critics, but noted that their reviews would have been even worse if not for Julia Roberts, who is given any role perfectly. The most interesting thing is that when this Duo appeared again in the film “11 friends of ocean”, the audience and critics, on the contrary, were delighted with such a tandem as Clooney and Roberts.

In 2017, Roberts ‘ career seemed to falter. She even received a nomination for the Golden raspberry anti-award, which is given to the actors who performed the worst. The reason for this award was the film “Obnoxious lady”. Roberts was nominated as the worst actress. But, fortunately, the actress did not win.

In the same year, Roberts slightly rehabilitated in the eyes of the audience, starring in the drama “Miracle”. In the film, Roberts played the mother of a boy who suffers from a rare disease. This is a pretty heavy movie and Julia did a great job with her role. In 2018, Julia Roberts decided to try herself in advertising. She starred for one of the most famous French brands, Lancome. Julia Roberts was to become the symbol of La Vie Est Belle fragrance. It is noteworthy that Julia Roberts is not the first time she collaborated with a real giant of the cosmetics industry. In 2011, she was also a symbol of the advertising company l’oreal. However, then everything went wrong and during the video broadcast, which took place in the UK, a scandal broke out. At the time, a major brand was accused of using photoshop. Activists also demanded to show women without editing. Of course, Julia herself got it. However, the scandal was over.

In addition, the actress has been working closely with the Calzedonia brand for many years. She was in a pantyhose commercial. She was also the face of Givenchy. At the same time, the largest brands are ready to pay the actress, even if she just smiles and does not say a word. For example, this happened with an ad for Lavazza coffee. Julia got $ 1.6 million just by smiling at the camera. Of course, fans want to see Julia less in ads and more in movies. But, do not blame Roberts for the fact that she is not so active in films.

Personal life of Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts family

At the beginning of her career, Julia starred in cameo roles. From 1986 to 1989, it did not particularly impress Directors. Many were sure that if Eric Roberts advised working with his sister, then she might not have the talent and she was just trying to take advantage of the fame of her famous relative. But everything quickly changed, and she was able to charm not only the Directors, but also colleagues on the set. For example, while working on the picture “Steel magnolias” Julia met Dylan McDermott, who was her partner in the film. An affair broke out between the actors, and the romantic Julia almost married him. More precisely, she gave her consent, but the wedding was not destined to take place. The reason for this was the actress’s affair with Richard Gere, while working on the film”pretty Woman”. The actors had a lot of pastel scenes, they had to play true love. In such an atmosphere, it was simply impossible not to give in to feelings. Julia broke up with her fiance, but as soon as the shooting of “Beauty” ended, the relationship between Roberts and Geer cooled.

After this cult film, Julia became literally the most recognizable and adored woman in the world. However, it was rumored that she could not forget Geer for a long time and tried to throw herself into her work. But the feelings did not abate and then Julia met with Kifer Sutherland. With him, she played in the movie “comatose”. Sutherland was able to turn Roberts ‘ full attention to himself. The actress fell in love and accepted a marriage proposal. But this wedding was not to be. Since the son of Donald Sutherland was surrounded by great attention from childhood, he did not particularly care about the feelings of other people. During his life, he had tried every possible entertainment. So it is not surprising that just the day before the wedding, Julia personally caught the groom kissing some unknown woman, probably a fan. The groom was sure that this could not be the reason for the breakup, but Roberts was humiliated and insulted. She practically ran away from her wedding. And Julia decided to take revenge to the fullest. She didn’t just run away from a famous actor, she did it with his best friend. However, the affair with him ended very quickly.

After that, Julia Roberts ‘ life became a kaleidoscope of novels. Completely disillusioned with men, the actress began to change the Cavaliers like gloves, especially not paying attention to their feelings and what people say. The most gorgeous men in Hollywood couldn’t resist her. Julia even encouraged some of them to commit adultery. The actress literally took revenge on the entire male family for the fact that she had to suffer a lot, and all the dreams of a happy life and a wedding were broken. George Clooney, Matthew Perry, Sean Penn and many other sex symbols couldn’t resist her charms. Julia even managed to get Denzel Washington divorced. She was even more cruel to Daniel day-Lewis. At the time of his affair with Julia, his wife was pregnant. But the man was so fascinated by the red-haired beast that he could not resist and left the family for her.

All lovers Julia left without regret. Not surprisingly, after seeing all this soap Opera, the Directors decided to create a film for Roberts herself. So there was a “Runaway bride”, where it was no accident that the fatal man – Richard Gere-became Roberts ‘ partner. It seemed that the producers were deliberately adding fuel to the fire and wanted to see what would happen if they brought them back together. And they got their way. A whirlwind romance rekindled between the pair. But as soon as the shooting was over, the story repeated itself. Gere simply disappeared, leaving behind a completely shattered Julia. The actress was sure that this time everything will work out. And after so many broken hearts, she was sure she could see through anyone. But Gere left her again. The actress fell into a deep depression. But I quickly gathered my courage and decided to RUB everyone’s nose again.

The other men of Julia Roberts

All of a sudden the actress got married conductive Lyle Lovett. Compared to her previous lovers, he was a completely unattractive man, so fans for a long time could not understand what she found in him. But apparently, Julia just wanted to heal her wounds. They divorced a couple of years later, but remained very close friends.

After that, another kaleidoscope of relationships began. Roberts still didn’t care much if her date had a wife. That’s what happened to Benjamin Bratt. The actress met with him for 4 years, it seemed that the matter is going to the wedding. But Brett couldn’t leave his former lover, so Julia was left alone again. It didn’t last long, as the actress found comfort in the arms of not an actor, but this time cameraman Danny Moder. In 2000, she worked on the film “the Mexican”, where she met her new lover. He was married, too. Moreover, the cameraman’s wife even talked to the actress. Julia went up to her and told her that her husband was a very nice man and she would like to borrow him. To this, Danny’s wife replied that she did not mind, but Roberts should return it in the same condition. In fact, Moder’s wife was just joking. She was sure that a star of this magnitude had nothing to do with an ordinary operator. But as it turned out, Julia wasn’t joking.

She and Danny were having an affair, and the man was just going crazy for the red-haired seductress. Without hesitation, he came to his wife Vera and demanded a divorce from her. The woman refused, because she thought that Roberts would quickly get enough of him. Then Julia paid her a $ 10,000 settlement, and Vera thought about it. But she was also a difficult woman. After a while, Vera spent the night with Danny. When Julia found out, she didn’t leave Danny, but instead increased the settlement amount to $ 100,000. Vera did not accept the offer, then the amount was doubled, and then another $ 20,000. These conditions satisfied Vera, and She retreated. After a while, Julia showed off in public not only with her new fiance, but in a t-shirt that read “Vera is stupid.”

Everyone was sure that the Union with the cameraman would not last long. The ball is set for the wedding day, but many thought that in the best tradition of Roberts, she would run away from the wedding. But this time the actress came to the wedding and still got married. At last she found her happiness. Julia had three children with Danny. She and her husband shared Hobbies, Hobbies, and jobs. This helped them stay true to each other. Today, the actress is 51 years old, and she does not regret anything. Now she plays not fatal beauties, but their mothers. These roles are also great for a brilliant actress.

Julia and Emma Roberts

Julia and Emma Roberts

As it turned out, Julia became not only a great mother, but also a great aunt for her niece. Emma Roberts, who is also a fairly popular actress today, is the daughter of Eric Roberts. When he divorced Emma’s mother with a scandal, The girl remained with her mother practically on the street. Julia Roberts, who doted on her niece, could not pass by this situation. It helped her get back on her feet and ensure a successful career. Emma later moved in with Evan Peters. But there were constant scandals between the young people, which even reached the point of fighting. Despite this, they wanted to get married, but Julia dissuaded Emma from doing so. In 2016, the partners separated, and Emma admitted that her aunt was right, as they were both too young and impulsive.

Scandals involving Julia Roberts

Despite the positive character of Julia, her name is associated with one scandalous story. It concerns her half-sister, Nancy Motes, who has died. Nancy has said many times that Roberts is not as positive as she wants to appear. She also admitted that Julia often joked and abused her as a child.

According to the official version, Nancy died at the age of 37 from an overdose of banned substances. However, the Newspapers immediately reported that it may be a suicide. There is a version that a suicide note was found, in which Nancy wrote on three pages about how Julia treated her. She accused the famous actress of not only not communicating with her, but also forbidding Nancy to see her sick mother.

Julia did not comment on this event. She canceled all her events and went to her sister’s funeral, where she burst into tears.

How does Julia Roberts live now

Now Julia is happy with her husband. They live in a penthouse in Manhattan, do charity work. Julia became the owner of her own film company. In 2018, she starred in the film Bring back Ben. Last November, the series “Homecoming” began, where Roberts played the role of a psychologist working with soldiers.

Roberts admitted that she no longer intends to star in romantic comedies. She is only interested in drama projects or working on television. Despite the fact that the actress is many years old, she looks chic and much younger than her age. With a height of 175 cm, she weighs 61 kg. As the actress admits, she does not sit on diets. She achieves such a great result, as she continues to work hard. On the set, the actress loses a lot of energy.

Roberts has her own Instagram, where she shows fans new images. The actress sometimes changes her image and causes a storm of emotions. For example, her fans were delighted when Julia plaited her hair and colored the tips of her hair in a soft pink color. All photos are always accompanied by nice captions. Julia still smiles and makes us happy with her light.

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