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When a question weights you down, you can consult this Relationship Playing Cards Reading to get the answer. It can give insights and advice in less than 10 seconds. The spread analyzes your current situation to reveal hidden aspects of your love. It can guide you through hard times and help avoid destructive patterns.

Relationship Playing Cards Reading

Before you choose the cards, think about an issue that’s bothering you. Try to avoid questions that won’t give you any useful information. For example, you can ask whether or not you’re going to meet your partner this month. This reading puts you in control, instead of leaving you at the whim of fate. With the right question, you will get the most out of the cards.

With this reading, you will have an idea of how your partner thinks and where your couple is going to be soon. Think of a question and choose the cards.

Select card: “Your expectations”
Card 1
Card 2
Card 3
Card 4
Card 5
Card 6
Card 1. Your expectations
Card 2. Explanation of the problem
Card 3. Fundamental and/or hidden aspects of the relationship
Card 4. Recent events affecting your relationship
Card 5. Ways in which you can improve your situation
Card 6. Advice and likely outcome
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