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Roddy Ricch is a famous American musician. Despite his young age, he managed to prove himself as a professional rap singer. Roddy writes lyrics for his songs and produces the other popular musicians. He was lucky to gain his popularity in 2018 after the release of the album. One of the songs from this work took the leading positions in the popular charts of America at once.

Early years

Roddy Ricch was born in the Fall of 1998 in Compton, the district of Los Angeles, California. It is interesting to mention that his nationality is still unknown. There are a lot of suppositions according to that fact, but Roddy continues to keep silent and makes no comments about it. Of course, the journalists were trying to find out this information, but all their attempts failed.

In Compton the future singer spent the first years of his life. However, then the situation changed, and Roddy had to live for a while in Atlanta, Georgia. It was a forced decision due to some problems in a family, but a new place influenced the boy a lot.

From the age of eight, the boy began to express himself and show his talent. It was a real magic because he tried to write some lyrics and make songs from the very childhood. Roddy was quite shy and sang only at home choosing the songs recorded by popular artists at that time.

He beat the rhythm independently with the help of various household items. It was an original approach, and he gained a lot of support from his family. At that time, he did not take such an occupation seriously, but his views connected with style of life changed dramatically after being sent to prison. There Roddy Ricch spent about 2 weeks.

School life

Roddy Ricch – The Box [Official Audio]

School life

At school, the musician studied poorly and constantly argued with his teachers. He wasn’t the best student and also had a tough conflict with the Director. It is important to say that his school years can be named as difficult and even hard ones. At the age of 16, Roddy Ricch finally realized that he had a wish to connect his life with music.

After making such a decision the boy bought some basic musical equipment. It became more than just a hobby. Roddy saw himself singing on a stage with the top stars of that time. Unfortunately, he didn’t have enough space and money for building a real professional studio. Roddy Ricch made a smart and creative plan. He installed his studio at home and began trying to record the first tracks. It was tough enough, but the guy continued to work.

He considered to write his lyrics to tell the story of his life. The singer was quite emotional and honest while creating his songs. In his youth, he even had a chance to perform on the stage a couple of times, but the rapper was caught by his street life. It took the significant part of his life and for a while he moved away from making his music. Only in 2017, the young man returned to recording some tracks again.

This moment was the starting point for changing his life. Music was a king of medicine that treated not only his physical state but his mental health too. In such a way a new singer Roddy Ricch was born.

Musical career

Musical career - Roddy Ricch

In the fall of 2017, Roddy Ricch released his first successful mixtape named “Feed The Streets”. It was popular enough and included the songs “Chase Tha Bag”, “Hoodricch”, and “Fucc It Up”. He received many positive responses and much pleasant feedback from the musical critics.

It was a kind of “permission” to move on. This work drew a lot of attention to the rapper from such respectful artists as Meek Mill, Nipsey Hussle, DJ Mustard and 03 Greedo. The release was also followed by Ricch’s musical video. It was devoted to the track “Fucc It Up” and was publicized on the popular video hosting platform YouTube.

When the representatives of Atlantic Records heard this song, they were very surprised that the guy from Compton sounded in the style of Atlanta. They found out more about Roddy Ricch. The Senior Vice President of the company Dallas Martin immediately invited him to the Studio and offered Ricch to record 3 songs. It was the offer of dreams.

Roddy felt that his success would come very soon. It was clear that the rapper knew what he wanted: he was writing his songs from morning till evening, listened to people’s opinions and was open for advice. His career started very fast, and its quick movement was a great surprise for Roddy.

Top songs

In 2018, the musician released a mini-album “Be 4 Tha Fame”, which was well received by the public. And in the spring of the same year, American rapper Nipsey Hussle invited Roddy to perform at his concert, which was held in Los Angeles. However, the real popularity came in his biography a little later.

track “Die Young”

In the summer of 2018, the singer released his track “Die Young” which was dedicated to his friend’s childhood. According to the author, the song was written on the night of XXXTentacion’s death and contains the story about the desire to live and continue your way. Later, he shot a musical video for that song, which gained more than 80 million views on YouTube for a few months.

The productive work with the label was a decisive point for the rapper. It included not only his becoming famous, but also making friends with the other popular artists. Now Roddy can call Meek Mill and Nipsey Hussle his brothers who helped him and pointed out the right way in life.

They were not only his friends, but also  his good colleagues that worked productively. For example, the singer even recorded his track “Racks In the Middle” with Nipsey. This song was the last for Nipsey, who was killed in a couple of months after the event. The song was subsequently nominated for a Grammy.

About “The Box”

Another Ricch’s song, “The Box”, also became very popular. According to the artist, this is just a “cool” song that the Internet users choose for recording the short videos for Tiktok app. Although the text is not very entertaining and light – it tells how the performer went to prison for his illegal carrying of weapons.

Producer 30 Roc remembers his working on “The Box” with a gentle smile. He was shocked when first Roddy turned it on. The man heard a creaking sound — it was the Intro, and when the Intro ended, the bass began rhythmically intertwining with the singing. It was the combination of two different sound waves, but the it was amazing.

Producer understood that this track would take the top positions in the charts and become popular among teenagers. Moreover, it really happened, and now many fans of Roddy Ricch came from Tiktok. If you ask any of teenagers about this track, they will tell you about a hundred videos they saw. So, the song was the way to express Ricch’s experience and past years, but it became a kind of “classical” soundtrack for many creative works of tiktokers.

Music trends

During the performance of this track at the concerts, the fans went really crazy. Sometimes during one performance he had to sing it several times. Ricch is not too interested in the number of views or downloads of a particular song; he sees the necessary feedback at the concerts when fans go mad while listening to this sound. They sing, shout and applaud. He says that he feels the wave of emotions that breaks him down every time while singing.

Mustard – Ballin’ ft. Roddy Ricch

Music trends

Speaking about creativity, Roddy Ricch said that while writing music he was trying to follow the style of Future, Young Thug and Lil Wayne. The latter has especially inspired him with his lyrics. The music of these artists and their songs helped him understand what his tracks should be. It was a kind of walkthrough for a young artist.

It is vital to mention that he also remembered the story of beginning of his musical career. One day the guy found out that the American rapper Thug put $40 000 on the fact that Roddy would become super popular. The musician is grateful that the artist believed in him and never doubted his talent.

These facts prove the idea that Roddy Ricch is a lucky guy who was working on himself for a long time. He continued to follow his musical way and reflected his inner stay in the songs. The lyrics touched not only young boys and girls but found the response of the top singers in America.

According to the support and care that he was provided with Roddy Ricch never stopped developing his professional skills. His songs became successful only because of his instant movement as a creator, writer, and musician.

Private life

Roddy has personal pages on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, where he often shares with his followers some fresh photos from his everyday life. These accounts also include the footage both from the concerts and from the process of recording new songs.

Unfortunately, Roddy has to do it. He is quite shy and modest guy. His status as an artist obliges him to keep his profiles and publish some new posts every week. Although the rapper doesn’t like social networks too much. It happens because he is too focused on creating new music and wants to be known as a musician. He said that it is our modern problem – the Internet addiction.

Many talented people waste their time surfing Instagram or Facebook. Roddy Ricch doesn’t want to follow such examples. He repeated in his interviews several times that music is the priority for any inspired singer.

To tell the truth, Ricch’s subscribers don’t know anything about his personal life. Everything is covered under a dark curtain. The singer tries to keep this information out of the public eye. Although the girls who visit his accounts, once noted the external attractiveness of the rapper. It is worth noting that he looks quite athletic and fit.

Current life

2020 has started successfully for Roddy Ricch. In December 2019, the rapper’s discography was supplemented by the other record named “Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial” and made a real furore. The singer was shocked because he didn’t expect such a reaction. He gained a lot of positive feedback from the musical experts and his collogues. Someone even said that this song would change Ricch’s career.

Moreover, everyone’s favorite song “The Box” was also included in it and took the 1st place in the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. The album itself took the leading position in the same chart and for five weeks occupied its top. The number of sales exceeded all the imaginable results. Ricch felt that his art and lyrics found the response of the listeners’ souls.

Such a reaction connected with his work pleasantly surprised the rapper, as it was already said. He got a lot of support of a huge number of fans and the other musicians. However, this success didn’t stop him from doing further work. After experiencing another wave of popularity, Roddy began reissuing the record which returned to it as “disappeared” one before the presentation of the song “Antisocial”. He also made a number of the other changes.

Roddy continues his way as a modern rapper who is not afraid of expressing himself. He has great plans connected with publishing new videos and albums. He also tries to keep fit and doesn’t lose his nice physical shape. Many followers on Instagram write their supportive messages to Roddy to show their love and care. Ricch answers these comments sometimes, but the guy is trying to keep silent in any situation.


Roddy Ricch is a unique and professional musician who was struggling against his heavy fate. He never stopped and just continued to develop himself as a rapper. His songs are based on his experience, so they draw a lot of listeners’ attention. His personality is always discussed because all his actions and attitudes towards his life are clearly shown on the pages of different social networks.

Being a real legend of modern rap music Roddy Ricch is trying to save his style of singing and doesn’t loose himself. The singers is making new musical material every day, so his fans are always looking forward for a new track.

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