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ScHoolboy Q and Jay Rock Profile

In this article, the reader will find out the main facts from the biographies of two famous rappers who are ScHoolboy Q and Jay Rock. It will be interesting to know more about their early years and the start of the career. Now both guys are quite popular and have a lot of money.

However, their lives were really difficult – beginning with the criminal street gangs and ending with keeping the weed. Anyway, the singers stayed strong, and now they are considered to be the markable artists in the rap and hip-hop industry. Enjoy your reading and be attentive – you might be shocked.


ScHoolboy is a rapper whose name is Quincy Matthew Hanley. He was born in America and became famous under his pseudonym – ScHoolboy Q. He also played in the band Black Hippy. He performed with the other members of the West Coast artists of music. Among them one can mention such names as Kendrick Lamar and Jay Rock. In 2011, ScHoolboy Q publicized his first album which was called “Setbacks”. It was quite successful, and the work reached the 100th position in the Billboard chart. In a year the rapper’s second album which was named “Habits & Contradictions” was publicized.


Childhood and the start of the career

Hanley was born in Wiesbaden on October 26, 1986. Being in Germany, his father and mother decided to divorce. A last name for the boy was chosen randomly. Hanley’s father continued to serve at the army while Quincy and his mother moved to Texas, where they lived for two years. After that, they settled in Los Angeles. After the boy graduated from Crenshaw High School, he went through several colleges. As a teenager, Hunley became a member of some street gangs, and later he began selling drugs. In 2007, he was arrested. Hanley had to spend six months in a prison, but a half of his sentence he stayed under the house arrest.

At the age of 16, Hanley composed his first rap verse, but he took up music when the guy was already 21.

Quotation: “I wrote my first lyrics when I was 16, it wasn’t rapping, but you know, a lot of people write poetry sometimes. I wrote a poem, but I didn’t care about it. At 21, I started being involved in music and I liked it. You have to get rid of your aggression, so you write and release it. I worked very hard on my music and, as a result, became a real professional. I did a lot of bad things. I was lost. I didn’t know exactly what I needed. Then I discovered such a phenomenon as music. I earned my first sum of money by playing and creating music. I wanted to continue to do it. I continued to rap. Later this process became the sense of my life”

Soon, the singer began working with the Los Angeles record label which was called Top Dawg Entertainment. He was recording his songs at a professional studio, and the guy was collaborating with the performers that belonged to the company. In 2008, rapper ScHoolboy Q’ first mixtape “Turned Hustla” was released. The contract with Top Dawg Entertainment was signed up in 2009. At the same time, ScHoolboy Q along with his label colleagues Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, and EB-Soul formed the collective Black Hippy. The second mixtape, “Gangsta & Soul”, was released on May 14, 2009.

ScHoolboy Q ft Jay Rock & Ab-Soul – What’s The Word

Music and occupations

On January 11, 2011, ScHoolboy Q made and released his first album – “Setbacks”. It happened on iTunes exclusively to get some critical reviews. The album was popular, and it reached the 100th position in the US Billboard 200. Its sales were awesome –  the album was sold more than 1,000 copies during the first week. Hanley also tweeted the album was available for free in two weeks after it was publicized. By that moment, the singer had already done away with the gangs.

“Setbacks” drew attention to Hanley and helped him gain a lot of fans online.

первый альбом - «неудачи»

Quotation: “The main idea of “Setbaсks” is to show the reasons why I can’t make some rap. The issues I can’t get what I want, the reasons why I continue to do all this fucking shit. I put all this information together and reflected the result in the songs of this album. For example, in “Druggys wit Hoes” I am selling the drugs and I don’t even try to fuck any whores. “Kamikaze” – I don’t even try to rap, I was just poor. A lot of these problems and difficulties, I put them all in my first album. Everything changed dramatically when it was released. Although many people don’t know about me and my music, there are already lots of people who do it. It’s strange, but it helped me establish myself. I earned enough money and it was the sign for me to understand that I should do more positive things. The release made me the personality who I am at the moment. Now I am just relaxing. I want to relax, continue my work on music, sit with my young daughter and smoking dope”

For the first time, ScHoolboy Q performed live on March 11, 2011. It happened at the Key Club which is located in East Hollywood. In the same month, he was arrested at the Southwest festival for keeping some marijuana.

Quotation: “I went to prison for dope. Everything was awful, and it was completely my great fault. Then, my dear Manager, Dave appeared and proclaimed: “Don’t touch my artist!”. I was quite relaxed, but at the same time I was this man – I became his artist and I didn’t give a fuck. I waited while he continued to go mad. I went to jail… Yes, I came out as everyone came out, you can remember Tupac at MGM. Everything was thought over, and the police were ready and, of course, they knew who kept weed”

On September 2, 2011, ScHoolboy Q announced the name of his second album which was called “Habits & Contradictions”. It happened at his page on Twitter. The singer considered the album as a prequel to his first work – “Setbacks”. Soon, the first track “Druggys Wit Hoes Again”  from the new album was released. It was recorded with the help of Ab-Soul, another famous performer. On October 19, the track “There He Go” was publicized. Continuing to promote “Habits & Contradictions”, ScHoolboy Q released the next track –  “My Hatin’ Joint”. Hanley announced a new video for the song “Sacrilegious” from the new album officially in a month.

The album was quite notable, and it was released on iTunes exclusively. It is important to mention that a few copies of the CDs were quickly sold autographed by ScHoolboy Q in Los Angeles. The album hit the iTunes Top 10 Albums and kept its position for a very long time. TDE sold about 4,000 copies in the first two days after the release. It was a real shock because the album wasn’t advertised.

Along with the release of the work, the music videos for “Hands on the Wheel”, “Nightmare on Figg St.”, and “Druggys wit Hoes Again” were released.

Last events and current situation

In June 2012, ScHoolboy Q announced that he was thinking about a major debut work and that he would be the next member of the group Black Hippy except Lamar who will release a future album on a platform Interscope. During a few months, the singer collaborated with such stars as Danny Brown, ASAP Mob being on tour.

группа Black Hippy

After numerous hints with the strange word “oxymoron”, Q announced on his Twitter the name of his future work: “OXYMORON ’13”. It confirmed the upcoming release. The musical experts included “Oxymoron” in the “Most Anticipated Albums of 2013”. The singer also announced that many stars such as Black Hippy, Danny Brown, The Alchemist, and Action Bronson were taking part in the creation of the work.

Soon, Schoolboy Q released his “Collard Greens”. It was a single. He also gave an interview with his friend, Mac Miller. In the article itself, they told about their first meeting and the fun relationships and discuss the foreseeable future.

In October 2013, the singer took part in the BET Hip Hop Awards. He performed “Collard Greens”.

In 2014, ScHoolboy Q was nominated in the category “Album of the Year” for his work “The Heist”.

In 2014, Schoolboy Q sang his hit “Man of the Year” on the Late Night show  for the first time. He also said about his tour in support of the release.

Oxymoron immediately reached the 1st position in the Billboard 200. Its sales were also awesome – more than 139,000 copies in America for two weeks. The success came very quickly, and there were a lot of offers for cooperating. At that moment ScHoolboy established himself as a unique and original music and poetry writer. His songs were already well-known by people of different ages. Then he didn’t need to get some critical reviews and just continued to work.

His last albums were “Blank Face” (2016) and “CrasH Talk” (2019), and these works are also considered to be successful.

                   JAY ROCK

Джонни Рид МакКинзи-младший, более известный под псевдонимом Джей Рок-младший, является американским рэпером и участником группы Black Hippy вместе с Кендриком Ламаром, Ab-Soul и школьником Q. Джей Рок вырос в криминальном районе, который известен своим низким уровнем жизни, а также большим количеством уличных банд и широко распространенными наркотиками. Джей Рок является членом банды Bounty Hunter Bloods и стал популярным благодаря своей песне «Blood Niggaz».

Johnny Reed McKinzie, Jr. better known by the pseudonym Jay Rock, Jr. is an American rapper and member of the band Black Hippy along with Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, and Schoolboy Q. Jay Rock grew up in the criminal district, which is known for its low standards of living, as well as a large number of street gangs and widespread drug sales. Jay Rock is a member of the Bounty Hunter Bloods gang and became popular by his song “Blood Niggaz”.

Early years

Jay Rock grew up in a low-income crime district of the city, where chaos and drug distribution reigned. This fact influenced his character, music, and fate. Everyone knows that he was in a street gang, this was confirmed by his songs.

звезда Джей Рок родился

The young hip-hop artist has been prisoned more than once, mostly because of the Bounty Hunter Bloods gang the member of which he was. His street life continued until 2007, because this period became a turning point in his life. After a business offer made by a well-known company, Johnny Reid McKinsey Jr. remained in the past, and a new rap and hip-hop star Jay Rock was born.

Career and occupations

The start of his career was in 2003. The main idea is a real story in the songs about his street life and crime. It was first noticed by Anthony Tiffit, who is the main founder as well as the Executive Director of Top Dawg Entertainment. It was he who offered Jay Rock to sign a contract in 2005 and a poor guy agreed at once.


Soon, in 2007, Johnny Reid got a job with Warner Bros. Records and Tech N9ne, but this experience was not successful. The main step for raising and developing his musical career was the collaboration with Strange Music.

Дебютный сингл Джея Рока «Вся моя жизнь» (в гетто)

Jay Rock’s debut single “All My Life (In the Ghetto)” was released in 2006. It featured collaborations with such well-known artists as Lil Wayne and

Many people know that the solo performance of his songs is not the only occupation of a hip-hop star. McKenzie Jr. is also a member of a band called Black Hippy.

In 2011 and 2015, they released the albums. All tracks managed to find echoes in the hearts of their fans and became quite popular. The main ones are “Money Trees Deuce”, “All My Life” and “Gumbo”.

The peak of his popularity happened in 2008-2013, but even today the guy is working tirelessly on a new album, which is scheduled for release very soon.

The songs of the talented rapper repeatedly broke the record for the number of downloads on iTunes. And today the guy can be seen on the covers of many fashion magazines and popular TV shows. Many companies are willing to cooperate with him. All this was gained due to hard work in the field of music, because close people of Jay Rock have confirmed the fact that he is fixated on his career and lives by his songs and music.

Jay Rock – Rotation 112th

Private life and social networks

Jay Rock is not married and has no plans to start a family soon. The guy repeatedly got into the lenses of paparazzi with various beautiful girls, but no more. You can often find the candid photos from some private parties. However, at the moment, he has one goal – his career and his development.

The fans are used to getting more information from the star’s social media pages, where he generously shares the fragments from his bright stellar life, shows some working moments, and much more that may be interesting.

Present life

его хит «King's Dead»

Jay Rock is closely cooperating with Kendrick Lamar, and they released the song “King’s Dead” in which James Black and Future also took part. The release happened in 2018, and the song was considered to be one of the most successful of Rock’s career. In the same year, Jay published another track which was recorded for his 3rd independent album. Its name was “Win”, and the song was evaluated in the best way by the fans of the artist.

In 2019 at the Grammy Awards these two songs were nominated in different categories, and his hit “King’s Dead” took the nomination. However, Jay Rock was very happy to get such a valuable award, he didn’t stop to develop himself. It is important to mention that this song got the prize in the nomination for “Best Rap Performance”.

The guy is always working on some new music, and he is ready to shock his fans. Some of them are following his pages on the Internet every minute trying to guess the next track. Unfortunately, Jay Rock is keeping silent and continues to make his music.


Jay Rock and ScHoolboy were coping with a lot of troubles and difficulties. Their struggle was continuing every minute, but these two guys tried to find themselves in music. And they were successful. Understandably, that any life is full of issues, and people don’t have any right to condemn anybody. Let’s forget about any prejudices and just enjoy good music. Both of the rappers were trying to improve themselves from year to year, and now they take the higher positions among the other representatives of that genre. Their works touch the soul and teach ordinary guys how not to lose oneself.

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