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Zodiac Lenormand Reading connects your current life events to 12 astrological houses. It helps you to look at your life from a different angle and predict upcoming events, as well as answer your questions. In this spread, every card represents unique features of an astrological house.

Zodiac Lenormand Reading – Cartomancy

Mostly used for guidance, this reading has the power to reveal key events in every zodiac house. Thus, it helps you look at the issue from all sides. As the cards are focused on everyday events, you should address the “where” or “what”. For example, should something important happen in your future? Where will you be in a month?

Some cards in this spread signify chatter, while others point out friendly events. The zodiac reading displays the situations as they are, and doesn’t go deeper into “why”. Just focus on a question and choose 12 cards.

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